About Sunnyvale Locksmith


Safety and Risks of Locksmithing

Almost every profession that requires customer service has it's risks and safety precautions that should be taken. The risks at Sunnyvale Locksmith are the same as other similar jobs (light manual labor) with the possibility for minor injury. Sunnyvale Locksmith will teach you what to do in case of injury and the best way to prevent it.


One of the most dangerous parts of the job at Sunnyvale Locksmith is working with electronics and electricity, such as wiring a new electronic lock. The power must be shut off and the wires grounded to fulfil Sunnyvale Locksmith and state precautions. Without doing this, you risk electrocution, at the worst. An electrical technician, some of which are part of the Sunnyvale Locksmith team, and others hired on as consultants, should be present as they have more education and training. Many locksmith's, including some at Sunnyvale Locksmith, have a degree, or have taken courses, in electrical engineering. Safety boots are required at all times.


Another risk to locksmithing is the meeting of strangers at any given time in the day or night. While Sunnyvale Locksmith has returning customers, a call from a stranger stranded at night could lead to assault on the Sunnyvale Locksmith if something goes wrong. For the most part, people are trustworthy, but you can't trust everybody. The customer may have waited too long and lost their patience, for example. Female employees at Sunnyvale Locksmith are encouraged to stay within daytime hours for personal safety reasons. Assault is extremely rare and Sunnyvale Locksmith has never had it happen, but it is a possibility while working with the public. Sunnyvale Locksmith employees going to a job should also carry minimal cash in case they are robbed.


While there is a potential, unlikely, physical threat to Sunnyvale Locksmith employees, there is a chance that if something goes awry, or even takes too long, the customer can bring up a false accusation and try and sue for damages they were informed may happen, or even caused by them. Sunnyvale Locksmith has a hired lawyer for cases like this. A locksmith at Sunnyvale Locksmith must know their rights, what they can and can't do to protect themselves, be it from physical assault or legal ramifications.


Unfortunately another risk is for a Sunnyvale Locksmith to make a mistake on a job and have a dissatisfied customer. We at Sunnyvale Locksmith know that word of mouth travels quickly and it tends to gain extra rumors as it gains momentum. There isn't much Sunnyvale Locksmith can do about this, except to keep advertising, keep functioning as a business and consider it a blip on the radar. It will eventually pass and the Sunnyvale Locksmith customer base will come back, the bad things said will be forgotten by all.